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Cook’s Doors & Windows Attacks the Internet Market

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Cook’s Doors & Windows, a family company serving Los Angeles since 1923, is assaulting the Internet marketplace after 86 years of working with home owners and contractors.

Like many companies re-evaluating their marketing dollars, Cook’s decided the Internet is more effective for lead generation than the tired old yellow pages, so they’ve redone their Web Site with the intent of capturing more marketshare in the 21st Century.

Cook's Doors & Windows' New Web Site

Cooks Doors and Windows

Their site is now a resource to their customers, primarily home owners building or remodeling and contractors, showcasing links to all of the companies that they carry in one easy place, contact information, and even articles about the saving energy and saving money while going through the process of changing doors, windows, door hardware, and moulding.

Have a look at Cook’s Doors & Windows’ new web site, or check it out as one of our proudest projects on our portfolio at



Cook’s Doors & Windows:Cook’s Doors & Windows’ new web siteand featured on

WSmad Invites You to Experience, a Small Sampling of Our Work

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

From Ryan, Web Site Maintenance & Design’s Founder:

“I invite you to experience this is the calm we provide amidst America’s relentless pursuit of success.” - A Sampling of WSmad's Portfolio - A Sampling of WSmad's Portfolio

We’re all pretty jazzed about around here.  It’s just a few of our favorite projects, but it shows you what we can do.  Our main site,, is focused on promoting our Official Marketing Partners (our clients).  It’s a hub and an opportunity for us to brag about about our Clients, for them.  Every time we do, it helps their sites climb the search engines. also has another role – it shows people interested in working with us how other small businesses have eased their burdens by entrusting their Internet Marketing with our experts.

So, like Ryan says, check out!

The Greater Hope Foundation for Children Brings Foster Children to Good Homes Throughout California’s High Desert

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

The Greater Hope Foundation for Children is a phenomenal group of people that have come together for the good of children in need of love. GHF has offices in Victorville and Barstow serving the highest-need areas of California, putting children with loving homes.

Helena Smith came to WSmad with a need to take advantage of some great sponsorship from her friends at Google.  “I need to update my Web Site, it’s not bad but I know you can do much better.”  We’re pretty confident that we knocked it out of the park.  Not only is her new design engaging and gorgeous, but the site is much more functional,making the lives of the hard-working GHF staff easier amidst this difficult business.

The Greater Hope Foundation for Children, Inc.

The Greater Hope Foundation for Children, Inc.

“I need a way to engage the flood of users I’ll be getting from my sponsorship through Google – my current site won’t cut it.”  Message received, new site delivered.  We’re stoked to have been a part of their project – I think it’s fair to say that the whole team feels proud and gratified to have done something really good for this rapidly growing and intensely giving Foundation.

Have a look at their new Web Site at, and become a part of the solution.

WSmad Welcomes Fowler & Moore AT HOME to Redondo Beach

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Chris and Suzy have a fabulous shop (some would say shoppe) and now they’ve joined us (WSmad) and a few of our clients in Redondo Beach! We welcome them to our Home and can’t wait to get their stuff IN our home.

Fowler & Moore Have Moved

Fowler & Moore Have Moved to Redondo

Fowler & Moore AT HOME’s new home is in Hollywood Riviera, the wonderful shopping street in the heart of South Redondo Beach.  They couldn’t have picked a better place!  They’re right next to another WSmad Official Marketing Partner, Tisha O’Dowd’s Abbracci Studio spa and boutique (look for their beautiful new Web Site to come live soon!), and just up the block from our friend and OMP Nick Peters.

If you didn’t go in to F&M’s store during the many years it was on the border of PV and Torrance, now you have a chance to really see how their place has come to life.  We here at WSmad encourage you to stop in and talk to the friendly folks there – have fun!  And then stop by Abbracci and see what else you can’t live without.  THAT would be an excellent day spent.

To Fowler & Moore and their loving staff, WELCOME to Redondo Beach from WSmad and all of our friends.  May your new location bring you great success!

Check out for exact location and a taste of their capabilities.