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S T Go of Beverly Hills is Now Selling the best Skin Care Products Online!

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Suli T. Go, Cosmetic Chemist behind the best skincare products on the market, has recently re-launched with a full online store.  Now everyone with an Internet connection has access to the tested-best creams for the best value!special offer from of Beverly Hills

Included in their offerings is a Special Offer including some of their most effective products at a reduced rate of 50% off!  If you sign up to purchase, you’ll get their best: Herbal Wash, Cell Parér, and the Maximum Renewal Complex every 60 days – just when you’ll be running out.  It’s a fantastic deal!

Congratulations to the whole S T Go Team on launching your new e-Commerce Site! Sports a New Image

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013, the leading metals distributor and processor in Southern California, has given their website an upgraded look as they look to provide ever-better service for their customers in the commercial and private sector.

The new design reflects the company’s dedication to clarity and helpfulness. There is a tremendous amount of information available to their customers through the site, and it’s all just a few clicks away. For the metal buyer, it’s a resource heaven (as is working with Aero Vac Alloys & Forge, Inc.aervacalloyforge-com-live

We congratulate Tim LuMaye, Glenn Bernstein and the whole Now Selling Carroll’s Complete Set for $89.95!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

That’s a heck of a deal! Chris Smith, Carroll Smith’s son and the person managing the book business now since Carroll Passed 10 years ago, has recently had quite an ordeal. But he made it through, and Engineer To Win is back on the shelves!

To celebrate the re-release and having all books back in stock, Chris has dropped the price to an all-time low $89.95 for Tune To Win, Drive To Win, Prepare To Win, Engineer To Win, and Carroll Smith’s Engineer In Your Pocket.

This is the entire race car engineering library Carroll authored after his stellar racing career, from engineering the GT40s that won Le Mans, to winning Indy, Formula One, and everything in between.

Get your books now before the price goes up!

Allen Berg Teams Up with Danny McKeever, Introduces Pro Series Racing Program

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Allen Berg, former Formula One racer and chief of Allen Berg Racing Schools operating in Fontana, CA, Canada, and now Willow Springs, CA, is introducing a new program that joins his fabulous Formula Cars with FastLine Racing’s Scions. FastLine is famous for training the celebrities that race at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach’s Pro/Celebrity race – and these are the same cars used for the training.
Pro Series Racing Program
The Scions are okay cars to learn some racing with – manual shift, closed-cockpit and of course front-wheel drive. They are full-blown race cars used for racing, with roll cages, 5-point harnesses, and all of the things needed to make them safe and competitive in a racing environment.

Pair those cars with Allen Berg’s purebred open-wheel formula racing cars, and you’ve got a well-rounded racing experience.


Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Beautiful, sensual, engaging, and titillating. That’s what Curtis Weaver’s painting and sculpture brings to life for the modern art connoisseur. GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY is proud to present Weaver’s work in ECO – LIBIDO, beginning January 19th and running through February in their Beverly Hills studio.


This is an interesting exhibition that mixes media for a more involving experience. Fantastical creatures present whimsy and sexuality in a provocative manner – not controversially provocative, but biologically provocative.

Head to the Beverly Wilshire triangle and find the GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY, the home of the best up-and-coming artists in Los Angeles. After the success of the recent John Seery and Miguel Osuna shows, Curtis Weaver is a pleasant change of pace that showcases excellent taste and a versatile pallet for art. Until February, you’ll see Curtis Weaver’s ECO – Libido there, in all its sumptuous glory.

Congratulations Scotty Clause and The Living Christmas Company!

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Our congratulations goes to Scott Martin, aka “Scotty Clause” for all of his hard work beginning to show fruit. His dream of taking The Living Christmas Company national is one giant leap closer to reality after Scott’s appearance on Shark Tank and his success courting Mark Cuban as a business partner and investor.

The Living Christmas Company on Shark Tank

We helped TLCCo get off the ground many years ago, bringing Scott’s vision to reality through our work in the logo and his first operational website. We’re proud of our work (there was a lot of it) and we’re glad to be a part of this magical Christmas success story.


The 39th Annual Summer Pro League Concludes with Epic Double-Overtime Championship Game

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Well folks, that’s that! If you want to play in the NBA, Summer Pro League gave you a chance – and a couple of players look like they’re headed for the Pros.
39th Annual Summer Pro League presented by AND1 concludes
On Monday, July 30th, the 39th Annual Southern California Summer Pro League presented by AND1 wrapped with an epic game between presenting Sponsor’s AND1 Select team and LA Loop. Both teams had exceptional records in League play, each going into the Championship game undefeated in six games. One of those teams was destined to finish the season 7-0, while the other would go home 6-1.

Play throughout the league games was at an extremely high, NBA level. Rising above the rest, AND1 Select and LA Loop aimed to set themselves apart so that agents and scouts would take notice and sign the players for their chance at stardom.

In an epic double over-time knock-down drag-out thrash, AND1 Select managed the win over LA Loop. AND1’s Franklin Session was matched by LA Loop’s Vince Camper for 27 points on the night. AND1’s Tremayne Johnson picked up a double double with 23 points and 13 rebounds while LA Loop had three players in double-digits for the night: Camper backed his shooting with 12 assists, Mark Dawson lit up the hoop with 18 points and crashed the boards for a game leading 21 rebounds, and Keith Davis hitting for 11 points and 11 rebounds.

In the end, AND1 won with 91 points versus LA Loop’s 86. All of the players deserve a second look from the Big Leagues, but a few used $150 and Summer Pro League to make a statement, “PICK ME, COACH. I have what it takes to get it done!”

And they certainly proved it.

Congratulations to all the players and coaches on an excellent season, and to the SPL Support Staff for making opportunities happen for serious players.

Chris Locke’s Event Report on Goodwood and Silverstone

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Some people dream about racing a historic Formula One car flat out. A select, lucky few others do it. One such gent is American Chris Locke, a Lotusophile from Northern California.
Chis Locke's Lotus 77 on display with other amazing and historic Loti in front of Goodwood House in Chichester, England.
Chris is a busy attorney trying to make the world right, but in his spare time he uses what his hard work affords him to enjoy his historic Lotus race cars. Most recently, Chris headed to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a motorhead mecca in England, and followed his blasts up the hill with a trip to Silverstone to exercise his ex-Andretti Lotus 77 in a support race for the FIA Formula One World Championship British Grand Prix.

Check out Chris’ cars and exploits at, a site he had made up so his family and anyone else can follow along with his adventures.

Good on ya and well done racing, Chris!

Keep an eye out for another article in the coming weeks about Locke’s experience helping in the filming of Rush.

Greater Hope, Inc. Celebrates 10 Years of Service and Nearly 2300 Children Fostered!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

10 years ago, Eva and Helena Smith set out to make the world a better place. They started with a tiny office with one other employee, and by the end of the year, they had trained foster families and successfully placed nearly 60 foster children.Greater Hope Foundation celebrates 10 Years of Positive Impacts

Fast-forward 10 years and Greater Hope now consists of 17 full-time employees (including employee #1, Jeannie) having placed nearly 2300 foster children. The friendly family atmosphere has yielded consistently positive results and the trend will definitely be continuing.

With the addition of last year and the June 1st opening of Greater Hope Preparatory School, the business will have doubled in size again by the end of the year. If you want to get in on something great, there will be a career fair for the new school on May 5th from 9am to noon.

A heartfelt congratulations comes from all of us here at WSmad to Eva, Helena, and everyone at Greater Hope Foundation for making it a fantastic and productive first ten years. And more importantly – for bettering the lives of the 2300 children and over 4000 foster parents that you have positively influenced.

Southern California’s 39th Annual Summer Pro League, presented by and1

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

The Summer Pro League announced that presenting sponsor “and1 basketball company” has joined the team.
Southern California Summer Pro League presented by and1
The Summer Pro League has had some very enticing sponsorship positions available, and as the league takes shape for July 2012, one of the best places has been taken.

There are still sponsorship positions available, but And1 has definitely capitalized on a great opportunity.

And1 is a phenomenal business that has recently gone through reinvention. It’s hard to imagine a better way for a company to display its products than to the up-and-coming basketball stars of next year through a partnership with Summer Pro League.

And1, welcome to the team!